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NIKKO | Cabinet by Shiro Kuramata for MEMPHIS Srl

NIKKO | Cabinet by Shiro Kuramata for MEMPHIS Srl

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NIKKO Cabinet by Shiro Kuramata for MEMPHIS Srl

The Nikko cabinet by Shiro Kuramata for Memphis (1982)


  • Width: 9.45 inches
  • Depth: 9.45 inches
  • Height: 31.89 inches

The Nikko is a tall, sculptural work that Kuramata envisioned as his response to & love of the B-rated American Sci-Fi movies of the 1950s --- particularly "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "This Island Earth".


He felt that NIKKO reflected the spirit of those ambiguous, ephemeral Flying Saucer interiors of both films --- you can almost feel Jeff Morrow's alien character Exeter waving his hand in front of this mysterious object, executing an invisible control that affects the take-off of the space craft.


Kuramata’s greatest gift to design at that time was his combination of Western Pop, Minimalist and Conceptual Art influences (Flavin, Judd, Duchamp, Buren) comingled with the Japanese notion of the “oneness” of arts and crafts, both high and low. He was especially moved and influenced by the works and theories of the Italian furniture designer Ettore Sottsass and his playful usage of bright, intense colours and gawky, intentionally awkward forms.


Kuramata was soon asked to join the experimental design group Memphis, launched by Sottsass and based in Milan, at its founding in 1981. He also designed all of Issey Miyake's boutiques world-wide. In his pared-down and fantastic forms, Kuramata turned the viewers’ expectations inside-out and upside-down, conjuring up objects and physical spaces that were radical and yet extremely functional.


His ability to transform industrial materials (perforated stainless steel, chains, terrazzo, Lucite, glass) into shimmering objects of desire still provokes endless dialogue amongst critics and supporters alike.


Two (2) extremely rare pieces of early Memphis indeed.

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